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Effective Alexa Echo Setup Instruction

Are you the proud new owner of the latest Echo Dot? Then you’re probably excited to get it set up so you can start speaking with Alexa and registering voice commands. We will guide you on the entire process for the Amazon Alexa Echo Setup. First, make sure that you have placed the Echo Dot in a central location.

Amazon Echo Dot

You could place it on the kitchen counter or in the center of the living room. Placing it on your bedroom nightstand may also come in handy when you need a voice-controlled computer in bed. Note that Echo Dot can be used without any other Alexa devices.

Before you start using the Echo Dot or the Alexa voice service you will need to connect your new device to the Wi-Fi network. Next, register the device to your Amazon account from the Alexa App. Here are the steps in detail:

Alexa Setup and Download Alexa App for Windows, Android, Mac

Download the Alexa app then sign in to it. The Alexa app is free. You can set up your entire device, music, shopping lists, alarms and much more using the Alexa app.

In order to download the app, head on over to the app store on your mobile and then simply type ‘Alexa app’ in the search bar. Next, select the app by clicking on it and start downloading it. The Alexa app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App store. Alexa setup can also be done by downloading the Alexa app directly from https//

You can download the Alexa app for Windows, Mac and Android.

alexa app for windows

This is specific to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10 or higher and Microsoft Edge.

Once the download is over, Turn on the Echo Dot. echo dot setup. As mentioned earlier, you need to place the Echo Dot in a proper location that is about inches away from walls or windows. Plug it in using the power adapter included in the Amazon Echo Dot and connect it to a power outlet. A light ring on the device will turn blue and then finally orange. This indicates the power is on and the Echo Dot setup is ready to take place.

Connect Alexa Echo to your Wifi network

The Alexa app will display a set of instructions. Follow the instructions for your Amazon Alexa setup. The first step is to connect it to your Wifi network. In case the echo setup process doesn’t start immediately by itself, you can press and hold down the Action button on your Echo Dot. The light ring should now turn orange. Open the Alexa app now and then go to settings and select Set up a new device.

connect Alexa to wifi

Note that the Amazon Alexa app may also ask you to manually connect a device to the Amazon Echo Dot through the Wifi settings each time you try to set up a new device.

Select your Wifi network and enter your network password in order to finish connecting the Echo Dot to Wifi. If your Wifi network isn’t displayed then just scroll down and select the option ‘Add a network’ or ‘Rescan.’

Talk to Alexa

It’s time to start talking to Alexa! Your Echo setup is complete. Just say the “Wake Word” and continue talking to Alexa naturally.

alexa setup

Now, you can spend time on the echo dot setup with other devices such as an external speaker.