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Download Alexa App for Echo and Alexa App Setup

Let’s discuss how to download the Alexa app for echo, connect echo dot to wi-fi, and Alexa app setup. Here you will know all about the echo dot setup or Alexa devices.

Windows computers are commonly used for downloading the Alexa app for windows after iPhone and Android devices. The manufacturers of the application had no idea on the windows version while designing the Amazon Alexa application. The two main platforms they had were iPhone and Smartphones.

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But when the app and Echo device got famous, it spiked uprise for the application. This is why the application was designed for Windows 10 back in 2019 so that people can download the Alexa app for PC and Windows. You can download the app for windows in Microsoft store.

The Alexa app is available default on Windows 10 taskbar and its completely compatible with the application requirement. Other windows computers like Windows 7 for the Amazon Alexa app are not compatible and to use the application on your PC you need to download it from Microsoft store.
If you don’t use the Amazon Alexa app that is compatible with your PC, then you will have to follow a couple of things.

You need to download the Alexa app first on your iPhone or Android device. Then you need to set up your echo by visiting for the official site from your PC.

Download alexa app for pc

All you have to do is just sign – in – into your Amazon Account to begin and finish the set-up process. The Alexa app for PC requires a stable Wi-Fi connection and an Amazon account before beginning the downloading process.

Alexa App for Windows 10

You need to visit the Microsoft store for downloading the Alexa app for windows 10 from your PC with version 10. Now search for Amazon Alexa application. Now download it when you get the windows variant. We recommend opening a Microsoft Outlook account before beginning the download. Also, check for the rundown steps to download the Alexa app version. Be aware and exact while checking out everything.

• Click the Icon on the bottom bar and open it
• Search for Amazon Alexa App, you can see that in the Microsoft store’s search bar by typing the term “Alexa App”
• Now you can see the Alexa App for PC on the very first result
• Now press the “Install” option to begin the installation process

alexa app for windows 10 pc

• Then click “Launch option” to open the downloaded app on your PC
• Now sign in with your Amazon credentials into the Echo app.
• Now click on the Sign-in option, now you will see the app opening
• Now, this app will ask you to respond to the different kinds of prompts
• Now check the list of prompts and steps to complete the download
• After completing the download, now say the wake word.
• Just say Alexa, are you fine?
• If Alexa responds to you, then it’s working great.

Downloading Alexa app for Windows 7

As mentioned earlier Amazon has not created the app version for Windows 7. But if you own an Amazon Echo device and wish to download and install it, then you will have to follow these simple steps mentioned below. You will now be accessed to the web-based Alexa Application, now you can start using your account through it.

• Launch the Chrome browser for accessing the web Alexa app for Windows 7
• Type and search for the term
• You will now see a login page in your Windows 7 PC’s screen
• Now type the Sign-in details like login name and password of your Amazon Account

alexa app for echo

• You will now see “Setup New device” when you get into the settings, which can be found on the Main menu for the Alexa web application
• Now pick the Echo device from the list of models
• Accept the prompts and test the device
• Give a voice command, if it answers to your command then you have successfully installed and configured completely.
• Now includes a skill to enhance your Alexa app’s and device’s functionality.

Alexa web application asks you to pick the name of your Echo from the list of devices. For instance. If you own an Echo Dot, then choose that. This will begin to blink and the orange light ring will circulate which is basically a setup mode. So, you are required to link or connect with your device with the web-based app finally with the home. You will also get some instructions after completing the setup methods.

Alexa App for Windows 8.1

If your PC is running on Windows 8.1 OS. Then you have to use the Alexa web app from your web browser by typing Now look for it and sign in with your login credentials like login id and password. Follow these steps you have done while setting the device through Windows 7 PC. Now you will be able to use the Alexa app for Windows 8.1 PC.

Setting up the Alexa app for Echo or Echo Dot

With features loaded, its no wonder that this smart speaker is admired among smartphone adopters and hi-fi enthusiasts.

download alexa app

Download the Alexa app

If you use Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, then you must use the free app. Download it on your device be in Android, iOS, or tablet. Open the app store and search for Amazon Alexa App. Now download Alexa app and make sure you are linked to Wi-Fi, then visit the official website to download it.

Plugin the device

One of the easiest steps in the set – up process as the device does not run on batteries to function. Just plug the power adapter directly into the Echo. You will now see the light ring turning blue which says the power is ON.

Echo setup

Then you must wait for the Orange as this is a sign that the Amazon Alexa app is preparing to welcome you. You will now hear Alexa’s voice saying that the device is all set for the setup process.

Connecting the device to Wi-Fi

After Downloading the Alexa app, you will have to connect the device to your Wi-Fi network. Search for the available networks and choose the device. You will now see the Wi-Fi network connection in the Wireless section. Once connected, you can save the passwords for easy login.

Talk to Alexa

Tell the Wake word “Alexa”. You can also change the wake word by opening the Alexa app manually, then clicking the help and feedback < change the wake word.

Start using the Echo Or Echo Dot

Now your Echo Device is all set and ready to use! Conduct a simple test to check whether it works perfectly. Say awake work and it should respond immediately.

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